Young Greens succeed at Norwegian Greens GA


The Norwegian Green Party (NGP) has had a great year, and this was reflected in its General Assembly (GA) which was held a month ago. The GA was the largest in NGP’s history, befitting as it marked a historic breakthrough for the party: It was the NGP´s first General Assembly as a member of parliament. The Young Greens of Norway (YGN) were many at the assembly, and received wide support for their policies and were praised for their speeches.

Norway held its parliamentary election last autumn. After a well-planned campaign where the party primarily mobilised in the biggest cities, the Norwegian Green Party (NGP) managed to get one MP elected in the capital city of Oslo. Rasmus Hansson became the party’s first Memeber of Parliament, and is currently member of the Parliament’s standing committee on energy and environmental affairs. During the General Assembly he was also elected as one of the NGP’s spokespersons, together with Trondheim councillor Hilde Opoku.

Young Greens’ success

One of the most active groups in the debates at the assembley was the Young Greens of Norway with their 41 out of around 200 delegates. The YGN were frequently up on the podium defending their resolutions and proposals for bylaws.

The Young Greens of Norway’s delegation at the General Assembly were successful in their attempt to influence their mother party. Not only were four Young Greens resolutions adopted; the youth wing also received praise from many of the older NGP-members, especially for their debating skills.

Good proposals, talented members and a carefully contemplated choice of which issues to promote is part of the explanation, says coordinator for the YGN’s delegation, Isa Isene.

Four of the nine resolutions adopted by the GA had been proposed by the Young Greens. One of those four was penned in collaboration with several counties, and makes an extensive advocacy for greener agriculture. The three other resolutions motion for an increase in asylum and humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees, a prohibition of fur importation,and to democratize the process for granting petroleum drilling permissions.

The youth wing also advocated for the spokesperson model, which the General Assembly decided to keep. John Slinning Jannesson, international secretary of Young Greens of Norway, was in particular pleased with the decision:

One of the main issue for me and the Young Greens of Norway at the assembly was for the NGP to keep the spokesperson model. I believe the spokesperson model is superior to the traditional party leader model and has worked fine in other green parties.

The most influential youth party

The YGN has for a couple of years been the youth party in Norway with the most influence on their mother party.

Ingrid Ophaug Dahl, spokesperson for the Young Greens of Norway, explains why:

I think our success is the result of a lot of preperation meetings and good meeting culture, to motivate as many as possible to speak from the podium. I’m very proud of our members

Hopefully the Young Greens of Norway to not only affect its green mother party, but also the rest of Norway’s political landscape in years to come.

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