Young Greens of Norway sets Norwegian youth record

Last weekend, 6th to 8th of March, Young Greens of Norway (YGN) arranged a successful General Assembly (GA). Anna Kvam from the oil county Rogaland was elected as new co-spokesperson together with the re-elected Lage Nøst. Nineteen year old Kvam sets a record by being the youngest leader of a Norwegian youth party ever.

– Our mission as young people is to make sure that the adults in power take action. The politicians have to see the connection between oil activity, global warming and melting the north pole. If the politicians aren’t willing to start the transition, we’ll have to take their jobs, Kvam says.

Representants from Grön Ungdom, Sweden and a representant from Mladi Zeleni, Czech Republic joined YGN in having this years GA with more than 70 participants, and several of our international guests participated by sharing their thoughts and input on some of the subjects that were treated during the weekend.

Because of this years local elections, they decided on 3 main subjects that they are going to focus on. They also passed 9 resolutions, where several ones are relevant in an international perspective: One of them, presented by the International Committee, demanded a free Western-Sahara (the last colony in Africa), one was about Norway’s involvement in selling weapons to undemocratic regimes and one about how Norway’s minister of foreign affairs should condemn the torture methods used by the USA.

The subjects we decided to focus on in the election campaign were green education, animal welfare and climate & green jobs, which we carefully chose to try and keep focus on our main causes, but still show that we’re not only a climate party, says newly elected International Committee Member Lise Mari Lorentzen.

The Young Greens of Norway share their political platform with their mother party. This year, YGN has for the first time adopted an entire platform which is not (yet) in our mother party’s platform.

We are proud to say we now have a comprehensive equality platform which states several problems with and solutions to a variety of equality subjects such as male/female gender roles, LGBTIQ+, norms, acknowledging the existence of more than the two binary genders, says re-elected co-spokesperson Lage Nøst.

This platform is going to be presented to the Norwegian Green Party at a future GA, in hopes that they vote to take it in as a part of their political platform. The new International Committee and Executive Committee are looking forward to working with FYEG and international issues in the upcoming year.




Executive Committee

Anna Serafima Svendsen Kvam (re-elected – new position)
Lage Nøst (re-elected)

Secretary General:
Isa Maline Alstadius Isene (re-elected – new position)

International Secretary:
John Slinning Jannesson (re-elected)

Ordinary Executive Committee members:
Guri Barka Martins (new)
Christine Bangum (new)
Ingvild Kessel (new)
Ola Eian (new)
Jens Petter Grini Pedersen (new)
Andrea Søgnen Tveit (re-elected)
Mattis Sørensen Ulvang (re-elected)

International Committee
John Slinning Jannesson (International Secretary)
Marie Storli (re-elected).
Vemund Jernsletten (new, has been resource person since may 2014).
Sarah Olausen (new)
Lise Mari Lorentzen (new)
Miriam Akkouche (new)

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