Young Greens of Norway + Kenya Young Greens = CLIMATE JUSTICE!

Frida, Mary, Ann and Guri at LNU preparation course.
Frida, Mary, Ann and Guri at LNU preparation course.


Finally, the project that we have been looking forward to is starting for real! The exchange project, about climate justice, between Kenya Young Greens (KYG) and Young Greens of Norway (YGN),“Same Destination, Different Roads”, is something we have been planning for a long time.

We have attended a ten day long preparation course with Fredskorpset and the LNU (Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner, We have gotten to know each other better, started exchanging ideas and have recieved some good advices to bring with us on this eight month long journey.

We will spend the next four months here in Norway, and hopefully we will manage to visit all the counties during this period, or at least as many as possible. In January we will go to Kenya to continue our project there until May. The details around what we are going to do will gradually take form, but what we do know is that this is going to be a great project that hopefully will spread a lot of joy and inspiration to many people!

We will be posting information, pictures and videos on our new blog at, and at Internasjonalt Utvalg’s facebook page.
Stay tuned!


So, who are the participants?


Mary Appophia Kamau, 23 years on planet earth

I was born in Kenya and have lived here since. About myself I would say, I am simply me; happy, loves listening to different types of music, loves experiencing different cultures as well as food. Plus I love writing ‘though my past attempts at blogging have gone really wrong. I still hope to revert that soon and concentrate on blogging that tells a story through photography. Growing up in the countryside in Kenya hugely inspired my love for conservation. Hence my motivation to study Environmental Science in which I recently completed my studies. I joined Kenya Young Greens in 2013 as an intern. Motivated by what they do I have been active within the organization ever since. I believe this exchange is an opportunity to learn, share, make friends as well as experience a different culture.


Ann Mukami , 24 years on planet earth

I was born, raised and educated in Kenya. I finished my undergraduate studies in April 2013 and graduated in December the same year. I pursued Bachelor of Environmental studies with a major in resource conservation. I have worked for the Kenya Young Greens (KYG) for one year. Through my involvement in various activities and projects with the KYG, I have broadened my interests to include not only environmental conservation and sustainability, but also to include youth development issues. In addition, I also have passion for fostering women empowerment especially those in the grassroot areas. Having come from a village where most women are unemployment and relatively low education levels, I am motivated to make a difference in their lives. During my free time, I enjoy travelling, watching movies and singing. I am excited to be part of this exchange program as it will give me an opportunity to learn and network with other youths.


Guri Barka Martins, 19 years on planet earth

I’m half Nigerian and half Norwegian, but I grew up in a small town called Jørpeland in Rogaland, Norway. This spring I finished my last year in upper secondary and I’m planning to go to England next year to study Sociology. I have been a member of YGN for about 1,5 years now, leading YGN Rogaland – one of the local groups. I think my biggest passion is natural resources and how we use them.  I’m looking forward to learn more about how our use of fossil resources affects the climate in different parts of the world, as well as home in Norway. Also I’m really engaged in animal welfare. I hope the exchange will give the two organizations new perspectives on how to fight climate change, as well as new views on organizational culture.


Frida Jasmin Sende, 26 years on planet earth

I come from Verdal but have lived in Oslo for about seven years now. I have studied classical music for some years (cello), and I have a bachelor-degree in acupuncture. I love music, dancing and other forms of creative activities, and I’m quite enthusiastic about health in a broad sense. I became a member of the YGN in August 2013, and I find it extremely important to find ways of making Norwegians more aware of the environmental challenges we face now. I hope that this project can attribute in helping young people know that they can make a difference. I’m really glad I have this opportunity to learn more, get to know new people and a different culture as well!

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