The Green Breakthrough!

After a fantastic election, we the Green party have gained 231 representatives in 162 municipalities in addition to a total 36 regional representatives! Although there are still ongoing negotiations, our newly elected officials are well on their way to instilling new, green politics locally!


Here are some of the reasons for our breakthrough and what our municipalities have committed to:




















In Tønsberg the coalition parties have adopted the environmental politics platform for further collaborations. The whole agenda can be read here. (PDF).




Østre Toten

Humanity and Social Profile The Østre Toten municipality will strengthen efforts to promote tolerance and humanity between inhabitants. The parties want a social profile for the municipality that places special focus on disadvantaged groups. This entails a unified effort for solidarity in both local and global perspectives.

Climate/Environment As one of the nation’s largest agricultural municipalities, Østre Toten is incredibly dependent on its natural resources. This must be managed in a sustainably sound way to ensure the integrity of future generations’ livelihoods. This is done by passing ambitious climate policy with priority in soil conservation and biodiversity.

Services The Østre Toten municipality will provide quality services for residents. Existing municipal services for adolescence, primarily health and care, should remain under municipal jurisdiction. There will be an increased focus on early intervention. We want to improve support on volunteer work for residents lives.

Development and Settlement The Østre Toten municipality must have a stronger focus on increasing resettlement and economic growth. This will be achieved through long and thorough planning. It is a goal that the private business sector will instill sustainable energy use of local resources in the best possible way. Good infrastructure will ensure stable foundation and eventual success.

Municipal Economy The parties agree in securing budget management as a priority in the election. This will ensure proper functioning within the municipality’s economy. Strengthening municipal services that provide scientifically and financially sound use of resources will be prioritized and developed. These initiatives will be considered through a long term perspective and undergo consequence analysis. This momentum will influence a common political platform. Political work methods and processes will function based on a self-determined, common agreement which will serve as the guideline for political interaction. This will serve as the basis for work with municipal planning and political work throughout the year.





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