Søk: Study Session “Think global, Learn international, Act local”

Våre partnere CDN arrangerer Study Session “Think global, Learn international, Act local” i Budapest i januar 2017.  CDN – Cooperation and development Eastern Europe er en paraplyorganisasjon for grønne ungdomsorganisasjoner i Øst-Europa. Du søker ved å sende en mail med informasjon og motivasjon til å reise til senest lørdag 19. november.



Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for participants for the Study Session “Think global, Learn international, Act local”. The event is taking place in the European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary in cooperation with the Council of Europe’s Youth Department from 23 – 27 January 2017. Participants are also expected to be available for online communication and preparatory work during the December and January before the Study session.

This Study Session will gather 35 participants with different backgrounds and offer them space to explore the role and evaluate the impact of international educational activities on youth work at local level based on the values and methods of NFE. We aim for a diverse group of participants, therefore we would like to gather people both with an extensive knowledge and background of non formal education, but also people coming from local youth organisations, who have participated in international youth events before and would like to share their experiences with the others.

The study session is especially calling for :

– Young people with medium and high experience in the field of youth work and non-formal education

– Members of youth organisations from Europe, who are involved in political work on the local level

– Young people involved in international networks that deal with youth participation

– NFE educators and facilitators as well as people incorporating NFE methods in their activism/work

– Young people engaged in youth policy making on national and international levels

All the sessions of the event will be delivered in English, therefore the applicants are expected to have a working level of it.

Accommodation (lodging, food, refreshments) and travel costs are fully covered by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. The participation fee is 50 EUR. The fee is deducted from the refund of travel expenses. Participants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the activity.

This Study Session is organised in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

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