Norwegian Greens GA: Majority of adopted resolutions from Young Greens

The Young Greens of Norway consolidates its great influence on the Norwegian Green Party (NGP). A majority of the adopted resolutions at the NGP General Assembly in the oil capital Stavanger this weekend originates from youth party.

Good proposals, fingertip feeling on what’s on the political agenda and a carefully contemplated choice of which issues to promote is part of the explanation. We do our best to be a constructive partner and that is appreciated in the mother party, says international secretary of Young Greens, John Slinning Jannesson.

In plenary many young people spoke in favor of the Young Greens’ proposals. One of them is fifteen year old Hulda Holtvedt from Oslo:

I am particular pleased that our resolution, demanding marking commercial containing manipulated pictures. One in four girls in high school in Norway are having psychological issues and we as a society need to address this issue, says Holtvedt.

Holtvedt is one of several talents of the Young Greens.

There are many clever young people out there, you just need to facilitate for them. Sometimes we, older people, need to take a step back but also highlight and encourage them. But many of the former youth talents have now became older and we need to recruit new ones, says Slinning Jannesson.

The following 6 of 11 resolutions adopted by the General Assembly have its origin from the Young Greens:

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