Green Success in School Elections

Celebrations were through the roof for the Young Greens in many school elections this past Tuesday when it was revealed that Miljøpartiet De Grønne received 6.7 % of the high school students’ votes.

The Young Greens of Norway had set a national goal of receiving at least 5% of the vote and exceeded it by 1.7 points, a significant improvement of 2.9 points from 2013 – nearly double the percentage.

This school election shows that an interest  in the climate change initiative has progressed through out the whole country, says the Young Greens spokesperson, Anna Kvam.

Celebration and a big press turnout at the election watch for the Oslo and Akershus Green Party Youth Wing.

Youth who believe that climate is an issue of importance vote for the Green Party. Now we have to bring this interest on to a community level, she urges.

We are a fresh, new organization with less experience than the other youth wing parties but we nonetheless manage to rise above this weight despite the other young politicians who have been working longer than us, says Kvam.

There have been election vigils in 17 of the Green’s Youth Wing regions. In the national election watch in Oslo, there was a large press turnout as well as an appearance made by the spokespeople of the Green Party, Hilde Opoku and Rasmus Hansson.

We stand before this huge breakthrough as one party, said Hansson who emphasized the importance of the Green Party’s youth wing involvement.

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