Conference: Economy of, by and for the people


On behalf of the European Green Party, the Green Group in the European Parliament, and our respective Green parties in Belgium, Ecolo and Groen, we would like to invite you to join our upcoming conference “An Economy of, by and for the People” which will take place on 30 September and 1 October in Brussels, Belgium.

This event will gather Greens from across Europe to discuss the ongoing economic transformation of our societies, focusing in particular on Green policy solutions and how we can put citizens at the center of this transformation. Featuring experts from across Europe in a series of interactive lectures and panels, it will be a unique opportunity for Greens to exchange ideas about one of the most crucial matters of our lives, the economy and its impact on European citizens.

During the conference we will have a chance to address more specifically the topic from the youth angle, as well as from the workers’ protection perspective. We will also tackle the topics of local currencies and economies as well as of Green innovation and transformation and the role they can play in “An Economy of, by and for the People”. Included in these discussions will be representatives of not only Green parties from across Europe but also speakers from trade unions, businesses, civil society, academia.

Er du interessert i å reise? Ta kontakt med IU-medlem Lise på eller via Internasjonalt Utvalg sin Facebook-side Young Greens of Norway.

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