CO2 greenhouse gas emissions through the burning of fossil fuels has caused the Earth’s climate to slowly change. If we don’t do anything to stop our use of oil, coal and gas, the average global temperature will go up 6 degrees before the end of the next decade. We have already seen the results of this changing climate in the significant amount of ice melting in the Northpole and  in Greenland in addition to recent extreme weather like hurricanes, droughts, and floods. The time to act is now!

The Young Greens of Norway believe that Norway should go ahead and leave our oil reserves alone. We wish for a controlled reduction of the oil industry’s influence on Norwegian economy while simultaneously investing in both renewable energy methods and power sources for our neighbors. We can then essentially become Europe’s green battery. Norway has an enormous amount of potential with the brains and financial resources to carry out this ambitious goal. If no one stands up to the oil companies to stop drilling, then who will? If we’re not going to stop now, then when will we?

Norway has been earning money by selling oil internationally for a long time and the profits are deposited in the “Statens Pensjonsfund Utland” (The Oil Fund). These funds have been invested into some of the Norway’s dirtiest businesses. The Norwegian Oil Fund has thusly been contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, violations of human rights in other parts of the world, and other crime on the environment. The Young Greens of Norway desire that the money in the Oil Fund be aimed at funding for research and investments in renewable energy methods for a sustainable society.

We want:

To stop all further initiatives to find oil and gas in the Norwegian shelf, stop all subsidizing and phase out the oil industry within 20 years.

To pull Statoil out of all projects that allow unconventional fossil fuel practices like oil sand and shale gas extraction.

Norway to build powerlines to our neighboring countries so that the larger part of Northern Europe can also move towards renewable energy.

Norway to develop plans for new renewable technology that incorporates offshore wind, wave and tidal power.

A significant part of the money in the Oil Fund to go towards research and investments in energy, infrastructure, climate adaption and green living for the parts of the world who are poorer and most vulnerable to climate change.

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