Call for deglegates for COP22

Dear MOs, dear activists,
Would you like to represent FYEG at the UN Climate Change summit between the 7th and 18th of November in Marrakech, Morocco?
As you know, in COP21 last year the most significant international agreement on climate change yet was agreed by 197 countries. On the 22nd of April, they attended the Climate Summit in New York, where the agreement was signed by 175 countries.
For FYEG, the last GA in Prague set the Climate Working Group as a priority thematic for the year. In order to have a strong message again this year after a successful one that was carried last year after COP21, FYEG will mobilise activists throughout Europe to push towards to more concrete and effective actions on the mandate of the agreement. At the same time, we will send an official delegation to the summit to follow the discussions, develop links with other groups and represent the voice of the Young Greens throughout Europe. These delegates will work closely with the FYEG Climate Working Group and the EC, and will be asked to feedback reports on these meetings.
When and where?
COP21: 7 Nov – 18 Nov, Marrakech
FYEG will fundraise in order to cover the delegates’ expenses related to travel, accommodation and food. Keep in mind that these funds might not be guaranteed and you might have to cover your own costs. All selected delegates are highly encouraged to fundraise on their own, through their Member Organisation, mother party, or other source.
Please keep in mind that if your application is successful , you will be expected to attend the COP22 summit in November for either one or two weeks. Please make sure you can attend the meeting, and highlight any possible limitations in your application.
The European Green Party reimburse 50% of your travels and 100% of the accommodation costs. This offer is on a first come, first serve base, for a limited number of people.
Er du interessert i å reise? Ta kontakt med IU-medlem Lise på eller via Internasjonalt Utvalg sin Facebook-side Young Greens of Norway.
Frist 25. September

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