Bike to Paris with us!

Who do you want to look back at, in 20 years time, when asked what YOU did to fight climate change? Whether we managed to stay within 2-degree increase -or not. Were you one to take a stand and speak up against the most powerful industry in human history; the fossil industries, that are fighting to keep us on the current path of mass destruction. They are rich in money which can buy political will. We are rich in numbers, and we can make the difference.

Be what you’d proud of in the future: Join us* in the demand climate action!

The 21st Climate Summit  in Paris is expected to mark a turning point in the fight for climate action. Be that for good or for bad. This is it, history is being written at what might be the most important international gathering ever. The COP21 is expected to produce an international agreement, but how ambitious it will be largely depends on pressure built up by civil society.

Green activists from all over the world will flock to the Climate Summit to send a message to world leaders; Will you join us* in the demand for a progressive roadmap for climate action?

We will bicycle from Oslo to Paris (you can join wherever you happen to be on the way) to demonstrate our demand of climate action. The departure date from Oslo is November 5, Copenhagen 14, Brussels 30 and we’ll arrive Paris the December 5, you will find the route here. We will participate in climate actions on the way and join the action in Paris. We will attempt to cover as much as the expences as possible for participating actionists. The work with fundraising will start as soon as we know how many will participate and part of the preparations for you as an activist will be to fundraise in your country.

If you’re interested in joining this climate action, please fill out this interest form. Deadline 4th of October 18:00 CET.

*This is not a binding registration, only a sign of interest.

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