Animal Welfare

Animals are an integral part of diversity in our society and their intrinsic value for our society must be respected. Norwegian law is committed to the concept of intrinsic and ethical value yet millions of animals are being treated inhumanely in everything from agriculture and offshore initiatives to research, entertainment and even in the private home. It’s time that animal welfare become a priority for Norwegian politics!

All animals need to develop and evolve naturally without interference. Living things are therefore granted the right to a natural environment, a stable place to grow, and an enjoyable and meaningful life without worries or suffering. To make this life into a possibility for both people and other living things, we cannot continue our current rate of meat consumption because it has placed an intense demand on meat production. Animals are now seen as goods rather than the living individuals they are. We must therefore promote vegetarian alternatives and close down the so-called “information bureau” for milk, eggs and meat production. Food information publication should be released independent of the food industry!

Not a lot of people are good at looking out for their own animals. Thousands of homeless animals starve and freeze. Many volunteer organizations here do a great job of relocating and holding awareness campaigns for maltreated animals but they need more support if they are going to make a significant difference. We also believe it is wrong that animal welfare has been a low priority for the food industry and the police department. We are working towards a stronger animal welfare commission as well as a special unit within the police department that supervises animal welfare.

We want:

Animals in captivity to be raised in their archetypal environment where they can move freely, independent of economic influence.

To immediately ban fur farming and the incarceration of wild animals in circuses.

To set a national goal to reduce meat consumption.

To establish and support shelters for homeless animals in Norway’s biggest cities.

Move public responsibility for animal welfare from the food industry under the Department of Agriculture to an independent board for animal welfare under the Department of Environmental Protection.

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