Record numbers at this years GA


In the end of november, the Young Greens of Norway had their General assembly at Nordseter school in Oslo. With a total of 75 delegates, it was our biggest GA yet. We agreed on a work plan for the upcoming year, passed a new political platform regarding school politics and determined the theme for next years political campaign. Our re-elected spokesperson, Lage Nøst, is satisfied after an intense weekend:

– It has been some great days with skilled and committed members of the Young Greens of Norway.

it was a fierce battle whether “plastic in the ocean” or “food waste” was going to be the campaign theme for the upcoming year. The latter won a narrow victory.

I look forward to embarking on the preparations. In Norway, 300 000 tons of edible food is thrown away each year. It’s a giant waste we can’t afford if we want to create a sustainable society, Lage adds.

The GA decided that organisational education and member care should be the organisations main priority in the upcoming year. A group from the executive comitee is already well on their way to prepare the training program “Greenhouse”.  The first two levels is expected to be finalized in 2016. Spokesperson Anna Kvam rejoices:

– In the upcoming year we will build political and organisational muscle that makes us ready for the parliamentary election campaign in 2017. “Greenhouse” is an important part of the preparations”

The finished resolutions are avaioable on our website. 

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